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Meet Amelia

The Story of Lu Lavender

Certified Massage Therapist with Passion for Wellness

As a consumer, you have the right and the power to demand what you desire.  You have the right to petition for quality products derived from raw and pure ingredients born from the earth and not from a lab.  Many years ago, I loved a product line that was labeled as “sans parabens” and got to where I strictly purchased these lotions alone.  I suppose it didn’t catch on because the brand was later discontinued and panic set in. Someone asked me then why don’t I make my own.  It began as trial and error plus research as I made them for myself as well as friends and family during the holidays.  I kept getting requests and questions like "can you make this too?" And so it grew and here we are today.

What & Why Lu Lavender?

Which Service is Right for Me?

Why Naturopathy
Innovative Massage

Offering a plethora of options ranging from Athletic and Swedish Massage to Reiki, Raindrop, and Reflexology. 


Everything is made of energy. Our bodies are often overworked and disconnected.

Reiki aims to balance energy on all levels.

Customize Your Oil

Don't settle for oils that are unhealthy and clog your pores. We makes therapeutic oils that are just for you!


“Katrina is amazing. You don't realize how poor other massages are until you have a good one and I won't go anywhere else now..”

— Blake H.


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515 N. Mur-Len Road. Suite B Olathe, KS 66062, USA

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